Global Seamless Tubes and Pipes

Global Seamless is a leading manufacturer of Hot Finish and Cold Drawn Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes with an installed output capacity of 24,000 Metric Tons per annum.Our tubes are used in myriad industries like Mining, globalseamless Gas Transportation, Automobiles, Cranes, Hydraulics, Boilers, Power Plant, Cooling Tower, Railways, Nuclear Power Stations and Chemicals etc. We are entirety committed to rolling out of pipes that conform precisely to all internationally set norms of perfection, with a coherent focus on quality. Adding to that, Global Seamless takes pride on its versatility and guarantees the production of pipes to suit individual customer’s explicit needs. All products manufactured at Global Seamless undergo unfaltering inspection at various levels, commencing with the foremost step, to the final dispatch.At Global Seamless, we believe in keeping relationships transparent with our clients and customers across India and worldwide. We also make Structure Tubes for mechanical applications, Fluid Pipes for water and other low-pressure liquid supply, Boiler Pipes for hydraulic system, and line pipes for oil and gas transportation. We also sell casing pipe, drill pipe, petroleum cracking tube, hollow sections, standard pipe, and joints for airbrakes. Our offerings, categories, and prices are the most competent in the market. We also deliver customized steel tubing solutions to meet our clients’ unique requirements without compromising the quality standards. So, contact us if you are looking to purchase from a highly trusted leading seamless tubes supplier.Our earnest dedication to provide the exact solution to our customers has made us one of India’s top seamless tubes and pipes manufacturers. Global Seamless has a specialist team with industry experience who can guide customers. We understand the complications of choices, materials, specifications and applications of different seamless tubes and pipes. Therefore, providing expert consultation is a plus. Whether it’s a water supply project in Africa or an oil and gas transportation venture in India, Global Seamless has the right products and parts to keep your business going.Not sure what you need? Global Seamless can assist your engineering and purchasing department with comprehensive technical support, including engineering data, product quality test reports, and logistics handling.

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