palac of gardan

Blushing shades of dusky pink fantasieflowers, Alstroemeria and puffy white Stocks make a serene display of effortless elegance. Just like their recipient, these blooms charm everyone around them. These blooms arrive effortlessly in their home through the letterbox.Spot a rainbow on a cloudy day. Give a hug when they expect a handshake. Send flowers when they only expect a thank you note. This joyful cocktail of Lilies, Stocks, Asters, Solidago and Roses will arrive effortlessly in their home through the letterbox.Send a bit of joy in a vase with our happiness subscription. Each flower delivery is only £29.99 and every bouquet is as unique and as beautiful as it can be. Hand-picked, carefully arranged and delivered in our signature Serenata Flowers packaging, our subscription flowers are a regular source of joy and delight. Have happiness delivered more often with our ongoing flower subscriptions and get a free vase with your first blooms.We’ve perfected the recipe for a rich velvety floral pud: take four deep red and blushing purple roses, a bunch of burgundy Antirrhinum and a generous pinch of pink Lisianthus with blue Eryngium; now mix them up with some Eucalyptus leaves and Setaria. Et voila.Beneath the foamy white mounds of exotic white Lilies and Avalanche Roses lie the velvet glories of gleaming Calla Lilies and sparkling Lisianthus sheltering in the depths of the hydrangea sea.Join the dance of majestic wild swans in their emerald lake. Pretty in pink Anthurium is a long-lasting flowering plant that will keep bringing joy to your home for months to come. Total height: 40cm.Like lipstick kisses on nature’s collar, these fiery orange roses, radiant sunflowers and sun-kissed Chrysanthemums will imprint their charm on the heart of even the frostiest recipient.

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